“I love the idea of using custom milled PVC products for my projects but where do I start?”

The Whitewood Millwork process

There is more than one way we could end up discussing your project. Perhaps you are working with a builder or an architect who has used our service or knows us through our years of work in the trades. Perhaps a lumber yard in your area uses our company to supply their customers with top quality custom PVC millwork, or perhaps you found us through an Internet search. Whichever way, here is an outline of what you might expect:



You have an idea of what you need, but what now? If you are working with an architect or builder (or both), suggest to them that they send us the CAD files of your project. If drawings don’t exist, we can create the necessary CAD drawings for our part of the project. You may also be surprised to find that there are aspects of your project you hadn’t considered yet that we can help with, like window surrounds or soffit boards for example. These are not as sexy as brackets or columns but are just as susceptible to rot.

Project Bid

Once we all have a complete understanding of the scope of work and all drawings have been approved, we’ll go to work to get you an accurate and fair estimate for your project. We don’t just pull numbers from a hat so this will take some time depending on a number of factors. If you accept our bid, a 50% deposit is customary.

Starting the Project

Depending on the project, site measurements may be necessary during the bid process, after the bid process, or not at all. Occasionally “templating” at the project site may also be required to do our job accurately. In any case, the actual production of your products will start at a previously agreed point, traditionally three weeks after acceptance of the bid, but will vary depending on the time of year, size of the project and workflow established on the job site.


Some projects require a single skilled craftsman while others require the attention of our entire shop. Some projects will require the skill and care of outside craftspeople from other shops such as metal fabrication. No matter where your project falls in the spectrum, rest assured it will get the proper attention and care it deserves. There is a good chance that on request you will receive photos as we progress on your project. With the proper coordination, a visit to our shop could be arranged as well.

Delivery and Installation

Quite often a builder will stop by the shop and pick up the components we have custom made for you. Just as often we will deliver your project to your site with the same care and attention to detail as when we made it. It is customary to pay the balance of the job cost upon delivery.

We do not do installations. During the initial drawing and bidding process, arrangements should be made by you as to who will install your beautiful new PVC millwork.